Two Weeks of Cricket Sundays

It’s been two Sundays already since we were allowed to play outdoor non-contact sports. We were back on the ground on 17th May and 24th May. We were briefed with the hygiene regulations, precautions, and restrictions to follow and we made sure we followed them strictly. We use sanitizers, gloves, masks before and after the games. We also made sure that we sanitize the equipment even during the breaks. Keeping 1.5 m distance was the thumb rule for the day!

Currently, we can take up to 25 players in the field even with distancing which means 2 full teams (11 per side) can play easily with 9 fielders, 1 bowler, 1 keeper, and 2 batsmen. Also, 2 umpires can stand within the stipulated distance in the field. We still are good with extra players to do the scoring. Of course, this depends on the attendance for the day.

We want to continue the season in this way and hopefully very soon can organise some friendlies and competitive matches here in our home ground later in the season.