DJK Karlsruhe Cricket Vs BoschTT Friendly Sunday Matches

Host Team: BoschTT Stuttgart

Visiting Team: DJK Karlsruhe Cricket

Format: 3 x T10s Friendlies

Venue: Am Neckardamm, 73207 Plochingen, Stuttgart, Germany

The first cricket friendlies of the season 2020 were played between DJK Karlsruhe Cricket Vs BoschTT Stuttgart, in Plochingen on Sunday, July 5th. We have been playing against them since 2017 (historical results at the end of the post). They are one of the best characters around in the region for sure and we highly respect their spirit for the game. Very friendly and honest bunch of players and we always had a great time and fun playing against their team.

It was a 3 T10 match series, which was won by DJK Karlsruhe Cricket 2:1.

Synopsis – Match 1

In the first match, DJK won the toss and the host team was put into batting first. The host team did start well but then DJK bowlers and fielders controlled the game in the middle overs. The highlight of their innings were their opening batters putting a strong partnership and in the middle line up Manju’s and Sree’s finishing the innings when they smashed 44 runs in the last 2 overs which propelled them to over 100 runs.

DJK was on top of their batting innings maintaining the required run rate at all times but in the end, it was a one-man show with Karun hitting massive 5 x 6’s which made the chase a cakewalk and we won by 7 wickets in 10.4 overs. Karun was awarded man of the match for his superb batting performance of 35 runs not out.

BoschTT: 105/5         DJK Karlsruhe Cricket: 106/4           MoM: Karun 35 runs NO

Synopsis – Match 2

The second match was a do or die situation for the hosts to keep their hope alive for the series. DJK Karlsruhe Cricket was put to bat by Bosch TT after winning the toss. We scored  101 in our 10 overs with an impressive batting performance from the team but the highlight of the batting innings was a quickfire 25 from Abhishek.

Host team had a mixed start with Nishant playing well at one end but the other end wickets kept on falling. In the last over 20 runs to win was a little too much but still with quick innings from Fayaz, BoschTT lost by 3 runs. Abhishek was awarded Man of the match for his batting and bowling performance

DJK Karlsruhe Cricket: 101/7          BoschTT: 98/6     

MoM: Abhishek 25 runs and 3 Ov./19 runs/1 wkt.

Synopsis – Match 3

With series already gone, the host team very much wanted to win the final match. On the other end, the DJK Karlsruhe Cricket team looked very relaxed and satisfied. Batting first again, we scored 82 with Jay contributing 29 runs from his bat. The host team started well and then completed the match with an easy win by 7 wickets in 9th over Fayaz was awarded man of the match for his all-round bowling and batting performance.

DJK Karlsruhe Cricket: 82/10             BoschTT: 85/4 

MoM: Fayan 24 runs and 2 Ov./11 runs/3 wkts.

Historical Results

2017: BoschTT won the series 2:1 played in Karlsruhe

2018: KCC won the series 2:1 played in Karlsruhe

2019: BoschTT won the semi-finals played in SCV Esslingen Outdoor tournament